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15 Z-Wave Ideas for Your Home

February 17, 2017

Have you ever thought about creating a Z-Wave smart home or do you already have a smart home and you just want some Z-Wave ideas to implement? Either way, Z-Wave Zone is here to help!I can personally attest to having, what I like to call, “Home Automation Burnout.” This is when you’ve implemented every scene, every […]


How Much Does Home Automation Cost?

January 18, 2017

The phrase, “smart home” sounds super expensive, it’s true. Seriously, a house that knows when you get home and automatically opens the garage door, turns on the appropriate lights, and sets the HVAC system to the perfect temperature, has to cost a fortune right?Surprisingly, it’s much cheaper than you may think to have a smart […]


The Best Open Source Home Automation Systems

January 18, 2017

A smart home is a wonderful thing – your home learns your habits, watches out for intruders, and even sends you alerts when things don’t go according to plan.That’s the main thing, your smart home communicates with you remotely.When your devices in your home talk to you remotely all the time, you want to make […]


The Best Motion Sensor Security Light For Your Home

December 30, 2016

When creating a new smart home, it’s easy to start buying devices willy nilly without thinking about their use. When you’re buying like this, you could accidentally buy two separate devices like a sensor and light to accomplish a goal, instead of buying one device that does the same thing.Smart home devices can use many different […]