Where to Find the Cheapest Z-Wave Devices

Where to Find the Cheapest Z-Wave Devices

Let’s face it, home automation is kind of like science fiction. I mean, you can quickly tap a button on your smartphone to access your home cameras while you’re not there or close your garage if you forgot to. It's pretty amazing!

Your home can even learn your habits and adjust itself for your comfort. That’s pretty scifi if you ask me, and like modern art or furniture, it may also seem like something that would cost a lot of money. Surprisingly though, that's not the case!

Smart homes used to be something only the ultra rich could afford, but now you can make even the oldest homes smart on any budget!

Why Smart Home Owners Choose Z-Wave to Save Money

Now, we’re not going to pretend that Z-Wave is the only option out there when it comes to home automation communication. Even though Z-Wave is our favorite, there are many other protocols out there, and different hubs use different protocols.

Wifi, Bluetooth, Insteon, ZigBee, and Z-Wave are the big five, but Z-Wave is our favorite since it offers some unique advantages.

The biggest advantage is interoperability, which is just a fancy name for the fact that if a Z-Wave product uses this protocol, it can talk to another product that uses Z-Wave, no matter the brand, product line, or version of the device. That’s a great advantage when you’re looking to create a smart home on a shoestring budget!

Z-Wave also uses a mesh network, which means that each new device in the network is a new relay for signals. With a mesh network, you need less products to have strong communication, further saving you money.

Buy Your Z-Wave Products Online to Save

A great way to save money when building your smart home is to buy your home automation devices online. In big box stores, you’re limited to the pre-packaged sets they’ve decided to sell, which may not be Z-Wave compatible, and they're usually a bad deal.

A brick and mortar store can only offer so much information about a product, when you really need all the info and specs before making a purchase. This can cause you to accidentally buy without understanding all about your product, only to have it not work when you get it home.

When you buy online, not only can you get fantastic deals on your purchase, but you can do your research at the same time to make sure that you’re getting the best as well!

Where to Find the Cheapest Z-Wave Products Online

Though you can find Z-Wave home automation devices virtually anywhere, Monoprice.com offers some of the cheapest. Monoprice offers everyday deals on thousands of products, and they also run 15% off sales and other promotions regularly.

So, how does this relate to your smart home? Well we’re going to highlight some of these low cost home automation options, so you can figure out how to make your home smart for less.

The Cheapest Z-Wave Products

You don’t have to spend stupid amounts of money to have a sci-fi home. All you need to do is know where to look for your Z-Wave devices!

Monoprice Z-Wave devices are all Vision brand devices, however, they do not have logos or say Vision anywhere on them. But, if you are looking for compatibility information, make sure you search for "Vision."

Monoprice Curtain Module

Yes, this may look like a standard Z-Wave On/Off module, but it's not. There’s so much you can do with this simple little device, it’s not even funny.

While it’s designed to open and close window curtains (super useful to begin with), you can pair it with any other device and have an on/off option. For example, you could connect it to your existing garage door to make that Z-Wave compatible.

One of the best ways to save money on a new smart home is to not just getting the cheapest Z-Wave products, but to retrofit existing products to make them Z-Wave compatible. A simple switch like this is perfect for that!

Monoprice Tilt Sensor

Speaking of garage doors, this is another simple (and cheap!) Z-Wave device that offers major convenience for little money.

A garage door sensor is basically a tilt sensor that will tell you wirelessly if your garage door is open or closed, depending on the position of the sensor.

Pair it with that curtain module, and you have a Z-Wave garage door opener for a fraction of the cost!

Monoprice Z-Wave Plugin On/Off

This one does, basically, exactly what it says it does - it lets you control a plugin appliance remotely via Z-Wave communication technology.

This is one of the cheapest Z-Wave products out there, and it offers endless possibilities. Instead of spending money on a ton of Z-Wave lighbulbs, you can get one of these and turn on existing lamps or a string of Christmas lights.

You could even use it to turn on a decorative fountain outside. Or turn your appliances on and off while you’re on vacation. See? Endless possibilities for retrofitting!

Monoprice Z-Wave Shock Detector

What’s a shock detector? Is that some sort of electrical thing? No. It detects vibrations from a shock.

For example, the shock of having a door kicked or a window broken. This is one of the cheapest Z-Wave products that can save all the other products in your home.

When this little baby goes off, it sends a signal to your system, which you can then have trigger many other events from alarm sirens to lights.

Note: This is a Z-Wave Plus device.​

Monoprice PIR Multi Sensor

This sensor uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect movement, temperature, humidity, and light.

The motion sensor, humidity, light and temperature all report to your hub, so that it can alert your other devices and they can act accordingly.

We’re including this in the list of cheapest Z-Wave products because it replaces several devices with one and it's very affordable!

Note: This is a Z-Wave Plus device.​

Monoprice Plug In Power Monitor

Like the on/off switch, this wireless device plugs into the wall and also has a plug for another appliance.

It not only controls your device, but it also sends alerts and information to the Z-Wave network and it monitors the power usage for whatever appliance is plugged into the monitor.

This little device can save you a ton on energy usage!

Note: This is a Z-Wave Plus device.​


As always, if you’re looking to save money on your smart home and get the cheapest Z-Wave products, look on monoprice.com first. Their home automation experts have curated a collection of the best home automation devices out there, and they’re always posting a sale of one type or another.

Another option is to like our page on Facebook as we always make sure to post Z-Wave deals when we see them!

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