Our Review of the Zooz ZEN20 Z-Wave Plus Power Strip

Zooz ZEN20 Review

Disclaimer: I received this device from TheSmartestHouse.com in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Most Z-Wave outlets and plugs only feature a single controllable outlet, but have you ever wanted to control multiple devices in the same location? Before, that would involve a Z-Wave outlet and a power strip, however, that would also mean each device would be turned on/off at the same time, which would kind of defeat the purpose of controlling them.

Fortunately, Zooz recently released a new device that will solve this problem: the Zooz ZEN20.

What Is the ZooZ ZEN20?

The Zooz ZEN20 is a Z-Wave Plus controlled​ power strip. What's particularly interesting about the ZEN20 is the fact that it has 5 individually controlled outlets. You read that right.


That's unheard of in the Z-Wave community. The only Z-Wave device that comes close to rivaling that, is the Aeon Labs DSC11-ZWUS which features 4 controllable outlets. We'll compare those two in a minute, though.

For now, look at these 5 mouth watering controllable outlets... and then continue reading. 🙂

Z-Wave Plus Zooz Power Strip

Unboxing the ZooZ ZEN20

No matter what you think about the ZEN20, there's no denying that the packaging is super nice.

The exterior and interior boxes are made up of a very thick cardboard each with their own matte finished. Then, inside the interior box you'll find the ZEN20 sitting nicely inside a semi-opaque protective bag. Honestly, I almost didn't want to throw away the packaging it was so nice!

Other than the ZEN20 itself, you won't find much other than the instructions in the box.

Z-Wave Plus Zooz Power Strip

Installing the ZooZ ZEN20

Installing the Zooz ZEN20 can be a bit tricky, well at least for Vera Users. These instructions apply to all hubs, however, I personally only tested this with a VeraPlus. Here's a quick step by step:

  1. ​To start, plug the Zooz ZEN20 into a grounded outlet and ensure that it has power.
  2. Next, put your Z-Wave Hub into inclusion mode. This will vary by hub, but for Vera, go to "Devices" and click "Add Device" - I used "General Z-Wave Device."
  3. Here's where things get tricky (at least on Vera). On the included instructions, it says to "press and release the power button the strip" to include the ZEN20. Unfortunately, I tried this 10+ times and nothing happened. After it didn't work, I tried pressing and releasing each individual outlet power button, which also didn't work. Finally, I pressed the first outlet power button 5-6 times on and off in rapid succession which worked!
  4. You should now have 5-6 new devices on your hub. I say 5-6 because on Vera it added Outlet 1 twice. This is pretty standard procedure for devices that control more than one device on Vera, so it's not surprising that it does this. I just name the extra device "Unused Outlet 1" and then only control the standard Outlet 1.
Z-Wave Plus Zooz Power Strip

The blue LED indicates that the outlet is on.


Here area  few things to note when installing the ZEN20:

  • When including this device into your smart home, make sure it's at most 3 meters away from your hub to ensure your hub can see it.
  • Where you plug the power strip in to include it does not need to be it's final home. You can move it somewhere else in your home after it's included.
  • There are no mounting holes on this device, so if you want to mount it on a wall, you will need double sided tape or 3m strips.

Pros and Cons


  • Z-Wave Signal Repeater
  • Features Z-Wave Plus
  • 3ft Power Cord
  • 5 Individually Controllable Outlets
  • 2 Non-Controllable USB Ports
  • Easy to Setup
  • Affordable Way to Control 5 Outlets
  • You Can Control the Outlets Both Manually and Remotely


  • No Mounting Holes
  • Can Only Handle a Total of 15 Amps at Once.

Zooz ZEN20 vs Aeon Labs DSC11-ZWUS

In my opinion, the Zooz ZEN20 is superior to the Aeon Labs DSC11-ZWUS in many ways. Why you ask?

Well, for one, it's cheaper. Its only $5-$10 cheaper at any given time, but that can add up if you're buying multiple of these.

For two, you get more ​controllable outlets that are both manually and remotely controllable!

And finally, the ZEN20 features Z-Wave Plus and the DSC11-ZWUS isn't. But, don't take my word for it, here are the facts laid out in table form:​

Zooz ZEN20

Aeon Labs DSC11-ZWUS

Total Outlets



Total USBs



Z-Wave Outlets



Energy Reporting



Z-Wave Plus




Our Rating

​It should come as no surprise, that we're huge fans of the Zooz ZEN20! This device offers a whole lot of functionality at a very affordable price and it's super easy to install.

With all that being said, it's easy to see why we have rated it 4.5 stars out of 5!

If it was only mountable​, it would easily get a 5 star rating from us. So, if you're listening Zooz, include some mounting holes or some double sided tape in you next generation of the ZEN20! 🙂

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