What Can A Smart Home Do For You?

What Can A Smart Home Do For You?

Whether you’ve just heard of this whole “home automation” craze or you’ve already installed a few Z-Wave devices and are eager for more, you should learn about all the ways a smart home can make your life easier, keep your family safer, and save you money in the long run!

Smart homes aren’t just the newest fads, but their a way to make your life easier. If you’re curious how to get the most out of your smart home, don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate guide to home automation here at Z-Wave Zone! We’ll go through what a smart home can do for you and suggest some devices that can help you achieve your home automation goals.

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Home Automation Security

A home automation system is an invisible web that connects all the devices in your home together and, most importantly, gives you the ability to control it via mobile app or a computer. This means that you can know what’s going on at all times and control your home when you’re not there. Your smart home can keep you safe in a whole bunch of different ways, like:

  • ​Remotely Arm Alarms
    With Z-Wave compatible alarms, you can log into your system via your hub's mobile app and turn your alarm system/siren on. Or, if the alarm is tripped in error, you can quickly turn it off remotely, so you don’t annoy your guests!

  • Monitor Cameras
    Smart security cameras are connected to your network, so you can quickly check on the babysitter or watch those darn raccoons trying to get into your trash while you're away. Having access to your security cameras anywhere also lets you check to see if someone is trying to break in, should motion be detected.

  • Notify You of Intruders
    With simple devices like Z-Wave door and window sensors, you can get an alert when a door or window is opened. Your smart locks can also be set up to trip an alarm and send you notifications when someone attempts to get in.

  • Control Who Can Enters Your Home
    With a Z-Wave compatible door lock, you can program various codes for different people who might come over. This means that each family member can have their own code, workers like gardeners or the cable repairman can get a code, and your smart security system will even tell you which person has gained entry.
Smart Home Convenience

The Convenience of a Smart Home

With a home automation system, you can control everything about your environment from the temperature to the lighting, making everyday tasks that much easier! Our lives are busier than ever, and a smart home can take certain things off your mind.

  • Smart Home Geofencing
    This is probably the coolest, most space age thing a smart home can do: it knows when you get home. What? Yes! You can connect your smart phone to your Z-Wave hub, then when your phone gets within range of your system, your smart home will know that you’re home. This can trigger a whole bunch of different events like doors unlocking, lights coming on, even the thermostat starting to heat or cool your home. You can also set this up to turn everything off when you leave!

  • Lighting Scenes
    A lighting scene is a series of events that take place after a device is triggered, such as a motion sensor. This series of events can be anything from having your living room lights all turn on in different colors for a party scene or having the stairway lights turn on as you're walking downstairs. You can even set a scene for a movie night, so the lights will dim when your home theater system is turned on or for vacation, so random lights turn on/off throughout the day, making it appear like you’re home.

  • Thermostat Controls
    Smart thermostats were some of the first Z-Wave devices ever made for smart homes, and they’re hands down the most convenient. Your thermostat can be programmed to stay off while you’re away from home and turn back on when you’re on your way back. The newest smart thermostats will also learn your habits so that they automatically heat and cool efficiently.

Smart Home Energy Savings

Your smart home can also save you money by working more efficiently. That way, you'll never have to worry about using too much energy because you can set your devices to turn off when you’re not using them and they can even respond to external conditions (such as the outside temperature).

Here are some of the ways your smart home system can save you money:

  • Turn Off Anything
    With lighting scenes, you can turn your lights off remotely via your cellphone, tablet, or computer. You can also use Z-Wave wall outlets to turn on/off any appliance in your home, saving you energy and money. The best part about this, is you can set up your system to turn everything on and off automatically, meaning you won't have to do anything to save yourself some energy and money!

  • Thermostat Function
    If you get a Z-Wave sensor that detects temperature and humidity, you can make sure that your thermostat is only running when you need it!

  • Remotely Shut Off Gas and Water
    Having a Z-Wave water/gas valve installed can save on utility costs when you're not using it and it can give you peace of mind in case of an emergency, as you can shut them off remotely.

Ideas For Scenes In Your Smart Home

Even if you already have a smart home with all the bells and whistles, you might not be aware of everything you can do with a top of the line Z-Wave home automation system. Here’s some ideas for scenes and setups that will help you make sure your smart home does everything it can.

  • Prevent Disasters
    A Z-wave water valve that monitors pressure and/or leaks can let you know if something’s amiss with your water line before it floods and destroys your home. You can also use the remote feature to turn the valve off before you go on vacation so that you won’t have to worry about floods while you’re away. Install a smart valve on a gas line for further peace of mind.

  • Monitor Pets, Kids, and Your Home
    While smart security cameras are great for crime prevention, they’re also good for everyday monitoring. When you pair a motion sensor with a security camera on your Z-Wave network, you can see video when your pet knocks over a lamp or your child comes home from school.

  • Be A Media Master
    With devices like Amazon’s Alexa, your home entertainment system and home automation system can be one and the same. With a top of the line Z-Wave controller, you can have your lighting, your thermostat, and your media all at your fingertips and control everything from the light level while you watch a movie to the volume of your music while you clean. In fact, you can just say “Alexa, watch movie,” and have everything smoothly adjust.

  • Wake Up Your House When You Get Home
    Let’s say you’re coming home after a long day. Your house can sense when you pull into the driveway and your Z-Wave garage door opener will open the door for you. Not only that, but the light in your garage and entryway turns on, your thermostat adjusts to your preferred temperature, the interior door from the garage unlocks to let you in, and all of this happens without any interaction from you. It's pretty amazing!


Do you need a smart home? Absolutely not, but as someone who has had one for years, I don't know what I would do without it. It makes my home safer, my life easier, and frankly, it's really cool!

If you have any questions about setting up your smart home, leave them in the comments!

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