Some of the Coolest SmartThings Compatible Devices

Some of the Coolest SmartThings Compatible Devices

SmartThings is changing the way we look at and manage our home. Once your SmartThings hubs is set up, you can wirelessly connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of compatible smart devices. You will then be able to use your mobile device to control, secure ,and monitor your home from anywhere in the world!

With SmartThings, or any other Z-Wave Hub, you can turn on lights or even your TV to make it look like your home even if you're not. You can also turn up the heat so that your home is comfortable when you get there or setup your hub to alert you when there's movement while you're away. The possibilities are endless!

The best part about these devices is, while an extremely sophisticated set up, users do not need a lot of tech know-how to use them. You can easily use SmartThings and SmartThings compatible devices to create a smart home even if you aren't tech savvy!

In fact, here are some SmartThings compatible products that clearly demonstrate how you can affordably and easily implement intelligent living.

SmartThings Hub

Introduced in 2012 and then upgraded in 2015, the SmartThings Hub is a fantastic "brain" for your home. Compatible with hundreds of products that let you monitor, control and secure your home, SmartThings is a great hub to use!

One of the best SmartThings compatible devices isn't a device at all. In fact it's a whole slew of devices. This kit comes with a pair of multipurpose sensors, a motion sensor, and an outlet controller - in addition to the actual hub.

You will be able to tell if doors, cabinets, windows, or even garage doors are open thanks to this kit. The devices let you turn on and off lights, small appliances, and electronics in any room of the house and you can even have your hub alert you if there's unexplained movement on the premises.

The beautiful thing about SmartThings and home automation in general is that you can expand it to your liking. Add more outlets and sensors or keep it simple - the choice is yours!

You could even expand your automation setup with cameras, so you can access live streaming video and get video clip notifications any time movement is detected.

After installing the Hub, you'll definitely want to get the app and start teaching your home what to do and when to do it. The Hub and app can operate multiple devices with the touch of a button and those operations can be done at a scheduled time or if movement is detected. You can even connect to Amazon's Alexa to control your hub and devices by voice!

Turn on the porch or foray lights without getting out of the car. Know when an intruder's in your garage and call the police - from another state! Shut off the television downstairs, lower the thermostat or, if applicable, close your shutters electronically, all without getting out of bed. Taking control of your home is both practical and amazing with the SmartThings Hub!

Other Cool SmartThings Compatible Devices

Siren Gen5 by Aeotec

Aeotec's Siren Gen5 has a broad range of features that will simplify your home and make it safer. The install is simple, as you don't need any wires or expensive electrical installations. The Siren simply needs to be plugged in and you're ready to go!

With its built-in 106 dB high intensity speaker, Aeotec's Siren will inform you immediately if there are safety issues or emergencies in the home. In addition to the intense siren, there are also three front-facing LED lights, so even someone that's hard of hearing can know when the siren is going off.

It also has an internal battery which is only used if it's unplugged or if there is a power outage. The Siren even has a duplex style outlet cover that prevents someone from removing it!

Compatible with SmartThings, the Siren is about the size of a deck of cards, has adjustable volume and five different tones. The device utilizes Z-Wave, a highly regarded communications protocol that uses a mesh network for control and signaling. The Siren is powered by Z-Wave's most advanced 600 series chip (Z-Wave Plus), which means it offers great range and it's very reliable!

The Siren Gen5 is an impressive blend of utility, style, and safety. With its suite of features, you will always be able to monitor your home in the case of intrusion, accident, or disaster. Affordable and low profile, the Siren Gen5 by Aeotec can make sleeping and being out of the home much more stress free. 🙂

Strips by Sensative

The Z-Wave Plus "Strips" by Sensative is an ultra thin door and window sensor. Just like all door and window sensors, Strips can sense whether doors or windows are closed and alert you if that's not the case. The advantage to Strips is that they are incredibly thin!

Strips can be paired with virtually any Z-Wave controller, including SmartThings.

With its sleek design, Strips are set in a frame and they're virtually invisible. For use in or outdoor, you can install this waterproof device in any number of doors, windows, or cabinets throughout your home, as well as in a garage or storage area. You can even install them in your mailbox, if your Z-wave signal reaches that far!

Strips by Sensative is a not-so-affordable, but really slick way to ensure your home is secured at all times. Simply attach it to the frame of a door or window - no drilling or wires required - and if it senses the door opening or closing, you will get an alert on your smartphone.


SmartThings and other Z-Wave hubs are changing the way we look after our homes and how we secure them. They provide peace of mind, knowing everything is peachy even when you're away! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking from “Z-Wave Zone” to Amazon (, or,,, or

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