The Essential Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors Your Home Needs

Essential Door and Window Sensors

Fixtures, switches, cameras, sensors - there are many different smart home devices out there.

When you begin your home automation adventure, it's easy to get sucked in by all the different devices available. After all, you probably want to start planning your perfectly synchronized, comfortable, and safe home.

With all of the products available, some of the most overlooked are Z-Wave door and window sensors. These devices are a central part of every smart home and they definitely shouldn’t be ignored, as their place in a home automation setup is crucial. 

Let’s look at some of the details about these entry sensors, before we go through the best sensors on the market today!

Don't want to read reviews? Here are the top best selling Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors on Amazon at the moment!

If you want to read more in depth about these door sensors, continue on!​

Best Selling Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Z-wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor, White & Brown (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO)
419 Reviews
Z-wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor, White & Brown (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO)
  • RARE EARTH MAGNETS: Features industry leading rare earth magnets that allow for up to a 5/8 inch gap, which makes it perfect for double hung or commercial windows.
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Easy installation by simply pulling the battery Tab to begin the Learning process. It works with most brands of Z-wave and Z-wave plus home security hubs
  • WHITE & BROWN CASES INCLUDED: Both White and Brown plastic casing included to match any décor.
Bestseller No. 2
Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor with Nexia, RS 100, Both White and Brown Cases Included
160 Reviews
Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor with Nexia, RS 100, Both White and Brown Cases Included
  • Check in to see if the doors and windows are closed at night.
  • Set Nexia to notify you when doors or windows have been opened in the home. Also changes temperture inside the home when windows have been opened or closed
  • Allows you to remotely monitor your doors and windows, allowing you to stay in touch and in control
SaleBestseller No. 3
Dome Home Automation Miniature, Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor, Modern, White (DMWD1)
39 Reviews
Dome Home Automation Miniature, Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor, Modern, White (DMWD1)
  • SMART HOME DOOR/WINDOW SENSOR - Uses smart-home technology to monitor your home's doors and windows, including interior doors, patio doors, garage doors, windows, cabinets, baby gates, and more.
  • Z-WAVE TECHNOLOGY - Z-Wave Plus Certified and integrates with most Z-Wave Certified hubs. Now Officially works with Wink!
  • KNOW IF YOU'VE LEFT DOORS/WINDOWS OPEN - Configure your hub to notify you or sound an alarm when any connected door or window is open for too long, including garage doors and medicine cabinet doors

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What Are Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors?

These devices have two pieces: a sensor and a magnet.

When the magnet is up against the sensor, the device recognizes that the door or window is closed. When you open the door or window, the two pieces pull apart, and the device will send an alert to your Z-Wave hub, indicating the door is opened.

The sensor can be used to trigger a lighting scene, a change to your HVAC system, a security alarm, or any other action you program into your system.

Most models install with either mounting hardware or double sided sticky tape, so they are very easy to add to your smart home.

How Do You Use Z-Wave Entry Sensors?

When it comes to automated home security, it’s easy to think of solutions like Z-Wave locks, cameras, and sirens. And while those are great, you can only be completely secure in your home if you have the little things covered like the doors and windows.

You need Z-Wave door and window sensors to monitor all the entrances to your home. Even though they’re essentially just an open/closed sensor, you can use them to trigger an alarm, a notification on your smartphone or device, or even to turn on cameras when the window or door is opened.

While security is vital for a true smart home, there are other uses for Z-Wave door and window sensors. Door sensors can be used to trigger HVAC and lighting scenes because they signal that someone has come into or left a room.

You could also install them on the front and back doors of your house to know when someone has arrived home. In addition to that, you could even set scenes to trigger in various rooms of your house when an interior door is opened or closed.

With window sensors, which work exactly the same as door sensors, you could set up a scene to turn your AC off should they open. You could also have an alarm trigger if they open during the night. The opportunities are endless!

Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors Comparison




Aeon Labs


White or Brown

White or Brown




3V CR123A

3V CR123A

3V CR250



3.4" x 1" x 0.9"

3.5" x 1" x 1.8"

3.1" x 1.8" x 1.2"

4.7" x 3.5" x 0.6"

Opening Gap

Up to 5/8"

Up to 1"

Up to 1.18"

Up to 9/10"

The Best Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors

Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

Ecolink is a very well known company when it comes to Z-Wave smart home devices, so it should come as no surprise that their door/window sensor is a fantastic device!

The DWZWAVE2-ECO features two bars, as with most door sensors. The larger bar houses the Z-Wave sensor and battery, and the smaller one is a magnet.

With seamless hub integration and easy no-screw installation, this sensor is quick to add to your system. You can install it either by putting the larger bar (the sensor) on the moving part of the entry and the magnet on the frame, or if your frame is big enough, visa versa. It’s also light enough that the sticky tape installation works well, so you won't need to worry about it falling down.

The Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO door and window sensor is also priced cheap enough where it won't break the bank to buy several for your whole home.

Schlage Nexia RS100 Z-Wave Door and Window Sensor

With the standard bar design, this Z-Wave window and door sensor is small and compact, which makes for a low profile once it’s installed.

It also comes with a white and brown plate to match the many different decors your home may have.

This Schlage sensor also pairs with any Z-Wave network (most hubs), regardless of the fact that it says "Only works with Nexia." That phrase is simply a marketing ploy to get you to buy a Nexia hub. The main problem with Schlage products, and this sensor specifically, is the price, which can be quite steep.

Everspring HSM02-0 Z-Wave Door / Window Sensor

This sensor has the same bar design as you find on most of these devices, but it’s relatively fat deisgn makes it difficult to switch around which part is on the frame and which is on the window/door.

That being said, the official product specs say it can tolerate a gap of "up to 30 mm," in actual operations, though, this isn’t a lot of room. It also has a relatively short range and can consume batteries fairly quickly, so I would only suggest this device if you're on a tight budget or the design works better with your decor.

Aeon Labs Z-wave Door / Window Sensor 6 ZW112-A

This Z-Wave door and window sensor is the only one of the bunch with a triangle design for the sensor and a tiny, almost invisible magnet.

The aesthetics on this door and window sensor are absolutely stellar, as it’s slim, lightweight, and paintable, so it truly disappears behind your decor.

That being said, a tiny magnet may be great for aesthetic purposes, but it makes for a tiny gap tolerance. That can make it frustrating, and some users have also reported that the rechargeable battery life is pretty short, but on the plus side, you'll never need to replace the battery!

Our Favorite Door and Window Z-Wave Sensor

Top Pick: The Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (DWZWAVE2-ECO)

We recommend the Ecolink because it has all the functionality of other sensors, but at a much lower price. With the Ecolink, you also get easy installation both of the physical sensor and easy pairing to your hub.

This particular Z-Wave door and window sensor is also compatible with a host of different systems, including some of the most popular like Vera and SmartThings. Compared to other models, the Ecolink is more forgiving as far as the connection between the two parts goes, allowing up to an inch of gap before it registers as open.

For the price with all of these features, it simply cannot be beat.


If you’re looking for the finishing touch on your home automation system or you're just starting it, you need reliable Z-Wave door and window entry sensors.

With these devices, you can have true automation, as they give your home the ability to monitor both entry and exit. Z-Wave window and door sensors also provide you with peace of mind, as they can trigger your security if they’re opened without authorization, even if you’re far away from home.

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